Producing SEO-Friendly Content

The quality of your content is essential to improve your SEO rank. SEO Malaysia points out that a lot of businesses in Malaysia do not understand how to produce and manage their content that support their SEO rank. In order to help and educate the people, SEO Malaysia comes up with several tips on how to produce SEO-friendly content.

  • Long content

Some research said that most of the first-page result on Google is 1890 words. It is quite long, it is about 3-4 A4 pages. Google sees longer content as more in-depth articles, hence providing better information to the visitors. Longer content also means that you can have more keywords embedded in the content. So you should have your writer to produce longer content.

  • Content type varieties

You should try to vary your content type, as variety matters in content marketing. You can provide long articles, images, video, and so on. Video is a great way to spice up your content, but keep it mind about the quality of the video as well.

  • Repurpose old content

Your main content needs to be always fresh and up-to-date, so that Google see your site as an active site. But no need to throw your old content, you just need to turn them into different purpose. In SEO world, trends come and go pretty swiftly. That is why you need to repurpose your old contents such as turn them into e-book, infographic, or slides.
To conclude, in order to produce SEO-friendly content, you should have longer content, different types of content, and you should keep your content up-to-date and repurpose your old content. SEO Malaysia keeps reminding their clients to produce richer content. One more thing to remember though, make sure your content is relevant to what your target audience wants. …